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Take the Pledge

to Save Mills College!

Fighting to Save Mills
for Future Generations

#SaveMills is a coalition of students, alums, staff, faculty and community members organizing to save Mills after the College leadership's shocking announcement on March 17, 2021, that the historic women's college would cease granting degrees in 2023. That was followed in June by an equally rushed and secretive deal to sell the College to Northeastern, ending its 169 year old legacy as a women's college.


Students, the wider alum community, educators and workers were NOT involved in the Board of Trustees’ decision. We demand the Board of Trustees reverse their decision and that a collaborative effort to fund raise and involve the community be launched to save Mills College and build a sustainable future.

Since 1852, Mills College has made us possible.
We are fighting to keep it that way.

Join Us

“Let it be understood that Mills College is not a private institution, but that it belongs to the young women of California and of the world.”

Susan T. Mills, Last Living Will and Testament, 1911

Source: Special Collections, Olin Library, Mills College

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